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28 | 11 | 2023

Atraumatic needles and needlecode

1. The first letter indicates the needle shape.
H = 1/2-circle
D = 3/8-circle
F = 5/8-circle
V = 1/4-circle
K = ski-shaped
J = 90°-50°-asymptotic circle
G = straight
T = special form for trocar incision

2. The second letter indicates the needle type.
R = round body
S = cutting
L = lancet
I = incision needle
3. The third letter indicates special needles.
B = black needle (Blackline)
T = trocar point
M = micro point
S = special point
s = thick needle
es = extra thick needle
d = thin needle
f = flat needle
4. The number indicates straight needle length in mm.

HR = 1/2-circle, round body, taper point
HRB..f = 1/2-circle, flat round body, black (Blackline)
HS = 1/2-circle, cutting
DR = 3/8-circle, round body, taper point
DRB..f = 3/8-circle, flat round body, black (Blackline)
DRC = 3/8-circle, round body, cardio point
DS = 3/8-circle, cutting
FR = 5/8-circle, round body, taper point
GR = straight, round body, taper point
GS = straight cutting
KR = ski-shaped, round body, taper point
KS = ski-shaped, cutting
TI = special form for trocar incision, trocar point, round body
HRT = 1/2-circle, round body, trocar point
DRT = 3/8-circle, round body, trocar point
HRM = 1/2-circle, round body, micro point
DRM = 3/8-circle, round body, micro point
HSM = 1/2-circle, cutting, micro point
DSM = 3/8-circle, cutting, micro point
HLM = 1/2-circle, round body, lancet micro point
DLM = 3/8-circle, round body, lancet micro point
GLM = straight, round body, lancet micro point
JLM = 90°-50° asymptotic circle, round body, lancet micro point
VLM = 1/4-circle, round body, lancet micro point
HRN = 1/2-circle, round body, blunt point
DSS = 3/8-circle, cutting, slim point

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