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01 | 06 | 2023

natural non-absorbable, braided, coated


Silk-S is one of the oldest non-absorbable suture materials. Raw silk filaments, derived from silk cocoons, are separated from their outer covering, only the soft supple fibroin core remains.

SilK-S black is a braided suture, coated for smooth tissue penetration, coloured in black for good wound visibility. If required, silk sutures can also be supplied in natural colour.


Silk-S is a natural non-absorbable suture material made from silk fibroin, a natural protein forming the fibre substance of the cocoon threads of silk moth (Bombyx mori). The sutures are coated to reduce capillarity.

Silk-S is very flexible and has a stable and good tensile strength. The suture is coloured in black.

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Silk-S is provided as needled suture and as ligature.